Press Releases

Adaptation to food deprivation as a clue for treating metabolic diseases – 30 September 2016
When people are deprived of food, a number of biological mechanisms are set in motion to adapt the body’s metabolism to the conditions of scarcity. One of these processes has been revealed by a team of Belgian researchers, led by professor Karolien De Bosscher (VIB-Ghent University). The scientists discovered how three important proteins collaborate on a genetic level to provide a response to long-term fasting. The insights are published in the leading scientific journal Nucleic Acids Research, and could ultimately be put to use in clinical environments to treat metabolic diseases more efficiently.
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Interesting news from VIB Medical Biotechnology Center UGent – 29 July 2016
Sfinx: Cool acronym, more accurate protein analysis. The labs of Jan Tavernier, Kris Gevaert and Sven Eyckerman from the VIB Medical Biotechnology Center, UGent tackle some of the most fundamental life sciences questions in their research into the detection and analysis of protein-protein interaction. This kind of analysis helps scientists come up with new hypotheses for the functions of proteins. Unfortunately, good data analysis in this area is tricky. Until now: Jan, Kris and Sven developed SFINX, a powerful online tool that does away with the hassle.
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