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Talking protein tags, novel ideas and tech innovation – 5 November 2016
As one of our Expert Scientists, Sven Eyckerman knows all about the ‘tech’ in ‘biotechnology’.
Together with his VIB-Ghent University research team, he has been working on several innovative biotechnologies. A recent example is the generic Virotrap platform, as seen in VIBnews June. Shortly after, Sven and his team came up with yet another pioneering technique. They developed a set of universal protein tags that go by the acronym of ‘PQS’ and enable protein quantification via targeted proteomic techniques. Sven talks you through the how and why of this new tool and tech innovation in general.
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Interesting news from VIB Medical Biotechnology Center UGent – 29 July 2016
Sfinx: Cool acronym, more accurate protein analysis. The labs of Jan Tavernier, Kris Gevaert and Sven Eyckerman from the VIB Medical Biotechnology Center, UGent tackle some of the most fundamental life sciences questions in their research into the detection and analysis of protein-protein interaction. This kind of analysis helps scientists come up with new hypotheses for the functions of proteins. Unfortunately, good data analysis in this area is tricky. Until now: Jan, Kris and Sven developed SFINX, a powerful online tool that does away with the hassle.
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Genome engineering of quantifiable protein tags: Western blot on the way down? – 6 June 2016
​Cell biologists’ most notorious approach to detect and semi-quantify proteins, western blotting, could well be on its way down. Professor Sven Eyckerman (VIB/UGent) and colleagues developed a set of universal protein tags that warrant protein quantification via targeted proteomics techniques. The development and applications of these new tags – named Proteotypic peptides for Quantification by SRM (PQS) – are described in the online, open access journal Scientific Reports.
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VIB/UGent researchers use viral particles to trap intact mammalian protein complexes – 28 April 2016
​Belgian scientists from VIB and UGent developed Virotrap, a viral particle sorting approach for purifying protein complexes under native conditions. This method catches a bait protein together with its associated protein partners in virus-like particles that are budded from human cells. Like this, cell lysis is not needed and protein complexes are preserved during purification. The development and application of this pioneering technique are described in a paper published this week in Nature Communications.
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